Poem: "Hazel Eyes" (ST:TMP)
TOS - T'hy'la
Thanks to everyone for the wonderful feedback I've gotten so far on my poems. It really means a lot. This one is about a scene in TMP, when Spock first comes onto the bridge.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes gaze up at me
With wonder and with joy
They reignite the memories
That I've tried to destroy

Delight is in his smile
Affection in his eyes
Emotions that I must not mirror
And instead I must despise

His presence is a danger
That warmth could melt the ice
And bring about the feelings
That would become my vice

T'hy'la I have missed you
Despite my hardened heart
But pure logic will not prevail
Unless we are apart

As long as there are hazel eyes
That reach into my soul
A fire will stir inside my heart
And keep me from my goal

Poem: "Jim" (ST:TSFS)
TOS - bridge tension

A row of faces look to me
I can see they know me well
I feel like I should know them too
But how I cannot tell

Then last of all I see his face
And as his eyes are searching mine
Something takes hold of my heart
A familiarity I can't define

My mind fills with vague memories
That I still can t clearly see
But I slowly begin to realize
We're connected intrinsically

I feel at home inside his eyes
He is where my loyalties lie
And though I can't recall his name
There's a bond I can't deny

"This simple feeling..."
He took hold of my hand
"I have been and ever shall be..."
I begin to understand

The key to finding who I am
Is clearly held by him
This man who is a part of me
This man I know as Jim!

Poem: "The Needs of the Many" (ST:TWOK)
TOS - T'hy'la
I haven't seen a lot of fan poetry on LJ, so this is sort of an experiment. Let me know what you think!

The Needs of the Many

The needs of the many
Outweigh the needs of the few
But it’s hard to consider the many
When all I can see is you

A thousand memories
Flash before my eyes
And I can’t even voice aloud
My heart’s anguished cries

I ever have been yours
And you ever shall be mine
T’hy’la, our two souls
Forever shall entwine

But the needs of the many
Outweigh the needs of the few
And so the needs of the many
Must outweigh the needs of the two

Kirk/Spock fic: "Should Have Been"
ST:XI - Fate
Title: Should Have Been
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Fandom: ST XI, with some flashback to TOS
Words: 1,289
Summary: Memories transferred by Spock Prime cause Kirk to grieve for a relationship he will never get to experience, but Kirk isn’t the only one who knows that things should have been different.

Feedback is very much appreciated!

Should Have BeenCollapse )

Clark/Lex fic: "Trust"
SV - Clex
Title: Trust
Characters: Clark/Lex
Rating: PG
Genre: AU
Spoilers: 3.09 Asylum
Summary: What if Clark had agreed to break Lex out of the Asylum?
Length: 558 words

Notes: This is just a very short attempt at getting my frustration out after rewatching this episode. This is what I think should have happened.

Feedback is appreciated!

TrustCollapse )


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