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[Fic] X-Men: First Class: "Make Love, Not War"
XMFC - Charles/Erik hearts
Title: Make Love, Not War
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Rating: PG
Words: 645
Summary: In the movie, Erik only fought Charles when he used force against him, and he released the bombs the moment Charles was hurt, showing that his friend was still his priority. Could Charles have stopped Erik and prevented The Divorce if he had approached him with love instead of violence?
A/N: I know I've seen a lot of "What if the beach scene had gone differently" types of prompts while browsing the kink meme, so I apologize if this has been done a lot already. This fic practically sprang whole from my brain, so I wanted to share it.

The bombs were frozen in midair, held there with the power of concentration that Charles had carefully helped Erik to hone. In spite of his relief that Erik had saved their lives, Charles was filled with dread. He knew what was about to happen. Erik slowly rotated his hand, and the bombs turned toward the warships.

Charles appealed to the better part of Erik, the goodness that he knew was inside him."Erik, you said yourself we're the better men. This is the time to prove it."

Erik didn't respond. The bombs were facing the warships now, ready to be launched back the way they came. Charles struggled to not reveal the panic that was coursing through him.

"There are thousands of men on those ships, good, honest, innocent men. They're just following orders."

"I've been at the mercy of men just following orders," said Erik.

Charles thought about all the pain Erik had endured at the hands of those men, and suddenly he felt sick. He understood why Erik was doing this and why he felt justified. But this was different. These men didn't deserve to die.

Erik turned his head to look at Charles, and his eyes were cold and hard. "Never again."

Erik thrust out his hand, and the bombs flew off toward the warships.

"Erik release them!" Charles shouted.

The panic he felt was now joined by an overwhelming sense of grief. Grief for the loss he was about to suffer if Erik couldn't be stopped. In desperation he cried out and ran at Erik with all his might, knocking him to the ground. He landed on top of him, and he heard some of the bombs exploding in midair as Erik's concentration was broken.

For one wild moment Charles considered trying to wrest the hateful helmet from Erik's head, but he knew that Erik would easily overpower him. Instead he put a hand on Erik's chest and lowered his face toward him.

"I understand about Shaw. I truly do. But don't have to do this. Please, Erik, I'm begging you. I don't want to lose you."

Erik's eyes met Charles'. There was doubt in his eyes now, but the bombs were still on course.

"Do you hear me, Erik?" said Charles pleadingly. "If you do this, it's all over. I don't want to lose you!" The hand that wasn't on Erik's chest came up to touch his chin, since the helmet was blocking his cheeks. He brought his face close to Erik's and spoke in a softer voice, heavy with emotion. "I can't lose you."

Erik's expression was tortured. "Charles..." he choked out.

This was it. The time for hesitation was over. Charles crushed his lips against Erik's in a desperate kiss. A single splash was heard as the first bomb hit the water, then rest went off harmlessly in midair or fell into the ocean. Charles pulled back. Erik pushed himself up, and they both sat there, oblivious to the eyes of the others on them. Erik pulled off the helmet. Without even trying to read him, Charles felt a wave of strong emotion from his friend. He allowed himself a mental glimpse, knowing that Erik must be feeling things that he couldn't express. His emotions were conflicted, but a smile spread over Charles' face when he saw that the foremost one in Erik's mind was hope.

"I don't know what's going to happen," said Charles, "But I want you with me. I need you, Erik."

"I'm sorry, Charles," said Erik. "You've done so much for me. You didn't want me to kill Shaw, but you helped me anyway, and I couldn't have done it without you. We'll make this work."

Joy and relief washed over Charles, and suddenly Erik was smiling too, running his fingers through Charles' hair, and pulling him into another kiss.

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This makes my heart go pitter patter TT^TT
See, boys? Domestic fights are not the answer, especially not in front of the children.

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