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Poem: "Amok Time" (ST:TOS)
TOS - T'hy'la
I've had a really busy weekend at WonderCon, and now I finally have time to post this last poem. Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous posts. I hope you enjoy this one too!

Amok Time

When the madness passes from my eyes
And I see him lying there
The fire that had consumed my heart
Instead turns to despair

My heart screams that it can’t be true
Though my mind knows that he’s dead
And all that I can do is wish
That I had died instead

I’m told, “Live long and prosper”
But I will now do neither one
I have killed my captain and my friend
And my life, as it was, is done

Then suddenly I hear his voice
And his smile lights up the room
I gaze in awe as he walks by
As if risen from the tomb

I shout his name with utter joy
And my hands reach out for him
The touch confirms that he’s alive
And my relief fills to the brim

McCoy just stands there looking smug
So I compose myself with haste
My relief is only logical;
His death would have been a waste

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This is really lovely...

:D this made me grin so hard <3

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